Community Manager

Community Manager

US or Canada, Remote - or Toronto Hybrid
About Source
We strive to be the data management layer of the decentralized web. We believe that making data user-centric and easy to work with gives people the opportunity to free their genius and create tools that change the world, unlocking the true potential of Web3. Source is a suite of new technologies that work together to make data interoperable. We’re empowering developers to make apps and devices that talk to each other, to allow users to truly own their data, and to secure information cryptographically to ensure trust.
Minimum expected salary: $75,000 USD + equity

Shape the future of Web3

Decentralized applications are a fast-growing market expected to reach $368B+ by 2027 and Source is pioneering the foundational technologies to help it get there and go beyond. Source is transforming industries and empowering developers to build amazing apps people use every day. We are building the future of data management and are the first database provider to receive backing from Dwight Merriman the founder of MongoDB, the predominant cloud database and a global roster of Web3 investors. Join our team and be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

About the Role

As a community manager on our team, you will be responsible for growing and curating a passionate community of developers, token holders, and Web3 enthusiasts/early adopters. Your task is to generate their interest, fuel their desire for knowledge, and sustain their curiosity as we unleash the power of Source into the Web3 world. With Source, every developer and Web3 pioneer has access to a game-changing innovation that will define the future of the user-centric privacy-preserving web. You hold the power to shape this future by introducing this technology to a viral community and empowering them to spread the word.

You'll be working on

  • Growing a powerful base of developers and others interested in Web3 technologies and applications using platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • Creating educational and informational materials that will help followers learn more about Source and generate their excitement in Source’s potential.
  • Using tactics to shift community growth into hyperdrive, amassing thousands of targeted followers in a short amount of time.
  • Stoking excitement among the user base with growth tactics, contests, gamification, and other incentivization techniques.
  • Connecting on an individual level and on a broader level with Source followers, evangelists, promoters, and curious bystanders.

You're most likely to succeed in this role if you

  • Possess a passion for Web3, emerging tech, and innovating the future.
  • Proven experience in community growth on Discord, Telegram, and other platforms.
  • Skill and experience in creating compelling content for sharing and distribution on social platforms
  • Familiarity targeting developers, programmers, engineers, and other technology workers
  • Experience growing Open Source communities from scratch and into thousands of users.
  • 3+ years of experience in technology-centric community growth roles.

Success in this role means

In the first few weeks on the job, you will join the growth team and start to learn about our systems and marketing strategy. We believe that it's essential for you to take this first month to become familiar with our technology, company, and our culture.

Once you are comfortable with our technology, you will take on the role of building Source’s online communities on select platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, then later branching out into other channels such as Reddit, Github, Stack Overflow, and YouTube.

Source is growing its audience for a purpose, and that’s not just for the sake of vanity metrics. We are growing an audience of enthusiasts who will take the technology we’ve pioneered and build the future of the web.

Source’s community will not be measured in just size, but rather in the level of engagement and the unquantifiable level of passion generated by you, the community manager.

What we offer

Work with a great team-building the future of Web3
Keep company with leaders in Web3
Flexible work arrangement
Flexible work hours
Unlimited days off
Great healthcare benefits
Technology spending budget
Competitive compensation, including equity

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